Our response area is a large one, covering Fort Qu’Appelle and our service agreement areas for fires. For vehicle accidents and other situations our range covers the before mentioned areas and ranges: North of Lipton on highway 35 bordering with Leross Fire; West of Lipton on highway 22; East of Balcarres on highway 10 bordering with Melville Fire; North of Balcarres on highway 310 including Peepeekissis, Okanese, Star Blanket and Little Black Bear First Nations; South of town bordering with Indian Head & Qu’Appelle Fire; and West of town including Standing Buffalo, Pasqua and part of Muscowpetung First Nations.

We provide a wide range of services including: fire suppression, vehicle extrication, surface water rescue, ice rescue, hazardous materials response, STARS Air Ambulance landings, and more. On average, we respond to 95 calls annually (last 10 years) and have exceeded 100 responses in the last 4 years, setting a new record of 140 in 2016.

​​On April 6, 1949, the Fort Qu’Appelle Fire Department was formed and has since been proudly serving the community and surrounding area. We operate with 2 pumpers, 1 rescue truck, 1 tanker and a boat. Making up our personnel, we have 1 Fire Chief, 1 Deputy Chief, 3 Captains and 20 Firefighters. The department is funded through: tax dollars from the Town of Fort Qu’Appelle; service agreements with B-Say-Tah, Fort San, the RM of North Qu’Appelle, Star Blanket (Wa-pi-moos-toosis) and Lebret; billing (such as to SGI for MVC and vehicle fire response); and fundraising.

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